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At Mount Everest Team, we have one goal in mind, to identify unique talents based on emotional intelligence skills, culture fit, passion, energy, attitude, ambition, work ethic, problem-solving skills, authenticity, and willingness to fail and learn from their mistakes.

After working in the staffing industry and serving clients in various industries, we realized that the corporate hiring process is highly flawed. Most corporate staffing agencies look for talents by focusing on keywords on resumes. Following this process, they miss out on the unique personality traits that make us human and successful employees. They focus too much on the paper rather than the person. Thus, they never take the time to truly understand and identify talents’ personality skills and build authentic and meaningful relationships with them. By doing this, they miss out on the opportunity to find original talents that would suit their clients even better than the resume keywords they are focused on.

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Mount Everest Team

Why Mount Everest Team?

Our business brings you an authentic approach to finding the right talent for your team. Our top priority is to focus on personality skills rather than resume keywords to find you a hidden talent in the market. We go above and beyond to find talents based on your company’s culture, team dynamic, personality requirements, and long-term business plan.


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What we do
Staffing Services
Direct Hire

Direct hire, also known as a permanent placement, involves finding permanent employees for your business. Permanent employees have the most significant impact on the success of your business. Hence you...

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Contract employment can satisfy employees' leave of absence, short-term workloads, long–term workloads, specific projects, and other contractual needs. Whatever the reason you need a contract employee, our team will ensure...

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Contract To Hire

The contractor will work on a contract assignment before converting to permanent staff. Contract To Hire service allows you to evaluate our talent to ensure they fit your company culture...

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Mount Everest Team will help you make the right hiring decision

The Mount Everest Team
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