The Mount Everest Team
Our story

At Mount Everest Team, we have one goal in mind, to identify unique talents based on emotional intelligence skills, culture fit, passion, energy, attitude, ambition, work ethic, problem-solving skills, authenticity, and willingness to fail and learn from the mistakes.

After working in the staffing industry and serving clients in various industries, we realized that the corporate hiring process is highly flawed. Most corporate staffing agencies look for talents by focusing on keywords on resumes. Following this process, they miss out on the unique personality traits that make us human and successful employees. They focus too much on the paper rather than the person. Thus, they never take the time to truly understand and identify talents’ personality skills and build authentic and meaningful relationships with them. By doing this, they miss out on the opportunity to find original talents that would suit their clients even better than the resume keywords they are focused on.

This is the change that Mount Everest Team brings to staffing agencies. We are focused on finding the diamond in the rough that will perfectly suit the needs of our clients. Our bespoke approach focuses on finding human beings based on their personality skills, understanding and prioritizing their cultural and technical requirements, creating meaningful and authentic relationships, and vetting their technical skills.

Our mission is to meticulously identify and scoop the hidden talents in the market that will serve our clients best. We aim to improve employee retention and reduce staff turnover rates saving our clients money and time in the long run. Our customers can always count on us to precisely find what they need.

At Mount Everest Team, we are dedicated to making the hiring process as seamless as possible for both the client and the talent.

We bring the right people together.