The Mount Everest Team
Founder Story

I was born in Nepal, the home of the majestic Himalayas. I grew up in a happy and loving home, thanks to the dedicated efforts of my mother.

Her dedication and determination to thrive no matter what struggles came her way has always been my greatest source of inspiration. After my father passed away, my mother stepped up as the main pillar in my life. Even after such a major tragedy had struck her life, she never lost hope. She always worked hard to accomplish what she desired and make a better life for my two sisters and me.

She worked two jobs that enabled her to fully support us as the main breadwinner in the house. A banker by day, she came home every evening and focused on running her business where she would work throughout the night. Looking back, I cannot comprehend how she managed to handle all that while never compromising her time and commitment to her kids. Her perseverance helped her become a successful banker and businessperson as well as a role model in my life.

To this date, I can clearly remember her interacting with her customers in her business. You could see how much she genuinely loved interacting with people and always went above and beyond to provide customer-centric solutions.

I believed I learned the art of excellent customer service at such an early age from watching her solve complex sales and customer service issues with ease. Lucky for me, I inherited her love for people, and it has served me greatly throughout my career.

As I started working in the sales and staffing industry, I got a better understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence skills in solving customers’ problems. Years of experience have finally enabled me to be a master at the art of identifying unique talents and providing staffing solutions utilizing emotional intelligence skills to fit customers changing needs. My focus is to find the right cultural fit that will help me reduce my client’s staff turnover rate saving them money in the long run.

I have a significant amount of experience providing staffing solutions for a diverse number of clients from Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government, and small businesses. My mission is to build authentic and long-lasting relationships with customers and job seekers making it easier for each party to find their right fit.

Asmit Bhandari – Founder - EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 practitioner