Newborn Hearing Screener

Location: Washington DC

Pay: Depending on experience

Position Summary: Responsible for completion of automated newborn hearing screens on newborns

Summary of Responsibilities:
1. Evaluate and prioritize newborns to be screened for hearing loss before discharge from the hospital based on established protocol. Factors considered include:
a. Time of birth
b. Estimate the discharge time, ensuring that the length of stay is not prolonged for screening.
c. Determine the need for 2nd screening before discharge.
d. Determine the newborn’s state and ideal time for a screen.

2. Perform automated hearing screens in the parent’s room unless the newborn is in the NICU/Special Care.
a. Inform parents of a newborn before the screening and answer parent questions.
b. Identify any risk factors for hearing loss.
c. Perform automated screening tests using designated equipment, strictly following established protocols and procedures.
d. Inform parents of the hearing screening results, answering any questions after the screening.
e. Provide parents with written information to take home about hearing loss and speech and language milestones.
f. Refer any questions unable to answer to the program coordinator and Clinical sponsor.
g. Assist parents in scheduling appropriate follow-up appointments if the newborn does not pass the hearing screening.
h. If the parent refused, complete the parent refusal, including the parent’s signature on the form, and put it into the newborn’s medical record. Notify hospital staff of refusal.
3. Document hearing screen results and high-risk factors in medical records and newborn hearing screening log as screening protocol indicates.
4. Follow Newborn Patient Care Skills according to Hospital and Babies First.
5. Follow established infection control procedures.
6. Recognize problems with screening equipment, troubleshoot as necessary, and report any recurrent or unresolved issues to the program coordinator and technical support.
7. Recognize and report any potential problems of newborns to hospital personnel.
8. Monitor inventory of supplies and report supply needs to the program coordinator. Please make sure to maintain the appropriate supply levels with screening equipment.
9. Complete billing sheets for all hearing screenings performed and submit them to the program coordinator.