The Mount Everest Team
Mamta Bajgain


Mamta is the proud holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Capital Management from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She advocates for women’s empowerment and is an outreach coordinator for Project Hope (Helping Our People Through Empowerment), a Non-Profit Organization managed by the Asian Community Alliance. She serves as a Vice-Chairman for the Nepali language and Art Center and a youth coordinator for the Association of Nepali and Bhutanese in America.

However, Mamta’s greatest asset as a recruiter is her unique understanding of people. Mamta loves people, and she loves helping them find jobs. Being in a job she absolutely loves has motivated her to help others find jobs where they can fully thrive, and their unique talents can be put to good use. She loves to reach out to clients and attend business development meetings that allow her to meet new clients. Her dedication to hard work and helping people make her a great asset to the Mount Everest Team, making her a key part of our success.