The Mount Everest Team
Saraswati Dhital


Saraswati has worked in various industries from sales, retail, logistics, and warehouse environments. One of her favorite hobbies is acquiring new skills, which makes her well versed in several sectors.

Nonetheless, her greatest asset as a member of the Mount Everest team is her ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable with her positive attitude and empathetic personality. Sara had a tough early life, having grown up in a refugee camp with little to no help. Her troubling early life has motivated her to try as much as she can to help as many people as possible, and the Mount Everest Team is just one of the ways she accomplishes this. She loves recruiting people and finding jobs she knows they will love and enjoy.

Her people skills allow her to connect with talent and clients, ensuring she can fully satisfy their needs. When not using her skills to grow The Mount Everest Team, she is also a domestic violence navigator, helping others recover from the damaging effects of domestic violence.

Sara is a welcome addition to our team, and we cannot wait to see the great things she will do for The Mount Everest Team.